What Corrupt officers Did Not Like?

The corrupt officers did not like my husband reporting about their corrupt practices and other corrupt officers against whom my husband had not reported felt threatened by his honest and sincere efforts to tackle corrupt practices. Just to give an idea about his style of functioning I am giving below two of the circulars issued by him and given to the public under the Right to Information Act

Circular 1: Adoption of new techniques to improve Transparency.

Circular 2: Role and Responsibilities of Government Officers nominated as Directors.

Some examples of innovative methods to fight corrupt practices introduced by my husband are given below:

Using a leaflet to help redressal of grievances combining the Right to Information Act- This was put into practice until my husband's transfer for reporting repeatedly by my husband the corrupt practices of senior officers .

Using a leaflet to give information to the public to help them monitor the quality of work- This was used in the execution of more than 200 works. The information was also made available on the internet but the website has now been withdrawn. It would be interesting to know the persons behind this using the RTI Act. This measure alone saved more than 30% pilferage and improved the quality of works.

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