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Times of India 31/5/07 RTI refers information matter to govt

26. Indian Express 26/5/07 Website to fight corruption- Mangalore Edition


25. Indian Express 26/5/07 Website to fight corruption- Bangalore Edition

23. Times of India 24/5/07 Chief Secretary cold to whistleblower case

22. Bangalore May 24 Report on TimesNow

21. Indian Express 23/5/07 report on my RTI -Govt Caught on wrong foot

20. Bangalore May 19 Live Interview on StarNews

19. Times of India 13/5/07 report on my husband's innovative efforts using RTI

18. Bangalore May 16 Report on TimesNow

17. Indian Express report 10 /5/07 on my RTI-Chief Secretary of Karnataka informs corruption is not a priority issue

16. Bangalore May 9 : Live chat in Kannada on TV9 Channel

15. Bangalore, May 7 :Mysore lamps: Govt to be told about lack of infrastructure DECCAN HERALD 7 MAY 2007

14 .News item about Information Commissions directive in the Kannada Daily VIJAYA KARNATAKA 6 MAY 2006

13. Bangalore, May 6 : Info Commission bats for IAS officer DECCAN HERALD 5 MAY 2007

12. Mumbai Apr 29 : A company without employees MUMBAI MIRROR 29 APR 2007

11. Bangalore, Apr 21 : MD gropes in dark!! DECCAN HERALD 21 APR 2007

. Apr20.flv 10. Bangalore, Apr 20 :M.N Vijayakumar's six transfers in six months and his using the RTI Act against the government reported in CNN IBN on 20 APR 07

9. Bangalore, Apr 17 : M.N Vijayakumar's six transfers in six months and with the last one made a day before the launch of a system to show files to citizens anywhere in the world using web camera reported in INDIAN EXPRESS 17 APR 07

8. Bangalore Feb 25.: Caption (translated) reads : Write , if bribe is demanded Prajavani 25 FEB 2007

7. Bangalore, Feb 24 : Regional Commissioner, Bangalore allows citizens to peek at official files DECCAN HERALD 24 FEB 2007

6. Bangalore, Feb 12 : Regional Commissioner(M.N.Vijayakumar) has issued a circular whicgh permits citizens to inspect files between 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm on every second and fourth tuesday of every month. Even though whistle blower law is yet to be made, the Regional Commissioner has gone ahead with the identification of officers with known integrity to fight corruption INDIAN EXPRESS 12 FEB 2007

5 Bangalore: IAS officer M N Vijaykumar has filed a complaint before the Lokayukta about the 'harassment' he is facing while fighting corruption. He has alleged that he had exposed corruption by three IAS officers but nothing had happened. TIMES OF INDIA 1, FEB 2007

4. News item about the complaint lodged with the Lokayukta reported in the Kannada Daily VIJAYA KARNATAKA 30 DEC 2006

3. Bangalore, Sept 22: Senior IAS officer M.N.Vijayakumar at the Department of Disinvestment has paid the price for pointing out the "violation of government policies" by his boss Principal Secretary I Devendran.A detailed note to Chief Secretary B.K.Das highlighting the specific instances of violation, aided by under-secretary Gopal, has earned him a transfer order out of the department, out of Bangalore and to distant Gulbarga as Regional Commissioner. Sources say that Vijayakumar's letter to the Chief Secretary has favoured disciplinary action against Devendran and Gopal for their omissions and commissions.But the government seems to have turned a blind eye to the points raised by him and punished him, instead.INDIAN EXPRESS 23 SEPT 2006

2. Bangalore.23.Secretary to the department of disinvestment and public enterprises reforms M N Vijaykumar, who has been designated as PIO, has complained in a letter to chief secretary B K Das that his boss and principal secretary I Devendran is responsible for lapses in the Hyderabad-Karnataka Development Board (HKBD), KAVIKA, NGEF and Karnataka Agro Industries Corporation (KAIC).In one such letter, the senior IAS officer said even the chief secretary failed to respond to his complaint that the disinvestment department is responsible for seeing the end of 20 public sector entities. "These actions bring a bad name to Karnataka as one of the most corrupt states in the country," he says.…. Vijaykumar has now threatened to take the case before the Lokayukta if the chief secretary fails to address the issue.TIMES OF INDIA 23, SEPT 2006

1. Bangalore, Sept 22:… The officer, M N Vijayakumar is on the wrong side of the government for his initiatives to promote transparency in the department of Disinvestment where he was a Director and ex-officio Secretary…..Vijayakumar took a number of steps to see that PSUs become more transparent in their functions. For instance, he issued circulars regarding the action to be taken against retired corrupt officials, transparency in recruitment, in concessions like waiver, in reporting assets and liabilities of employees etc.A circular issued last month about the techniques to be adopted for improving transparency in PSUs is worthy of mention. It says that the RTI Act was enacted because majority of public servants were keeping quiet about corrupt practices…..In an attempt to rein in corruption from recruitment to retirement, he requested the PSUs to identify honest staff members and nominate them for a workshop to discuss as to how to curb corruption. Only 31 out of 72 PSUs could send some names.The circular also advised PSUs to list out prevailing corrupt practices and print the same on back of the forms, applications, receipts, notices etc, given to citizens and, offer incentives to both employees and the public for suggestions on tackling them effectively. He also suggested that people keep away from the officials raided by Lokayukta.Recently after he took charge as Regional Commssioner, Bangalore (but transferred within 20 days after posting) he introduced a system using the provisions of the Right to Information Act in an innovative way, where in public are allowed to see files without making any application between 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm on every second and fourth tuesday of every month.He also planned to make web viewing of the file. These developments threatned many and he was transferred just 3 days before launch of the program . however, his efforts have been widelky reported and it is hoped that citizens will demand for its operation.You can visit the related website here INDIAN EXPRESS 23 SEPT 2006

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